Steampunk Gas Mask

Steampunk Gasmask - Photo © Gonzalo Merat

Photo © Gonzalo Merat

Elaborate leather and metal Steampunk Gas Masks, with their tubes, breathing pipes and darkened glass goggles are one of the most sinister and fetishistic Steampunk accessories, but are absolutely de rigueur if you'll be dressing up as a Mad Scientist at a Steampunk party or taking part in a dark dystopian cosplay scenario!

Vintage wartime military-style or domestic issue gas masks can still be found on market stalls and in specialist stores for collectors, or modern tear gas masks or workshop respirators can be customized with the addition of studded leather straps and rivets if you want to try your hand at creating your own homemade Steampunk costume.

If you are hunting for the hottest Steampunk and Neo-Victorian costumes then you've come to the right place! Steampunk Gas Masks are a great choice! Steampunk Gas Masks also make a wonderful gift for any Steampunk enthusiast as well as for more serious Steampunk Cosplay performer.

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Popular Steampunk Gas Masks

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