Fashion Ideas for Victorian Ladies in 1880!

Godey's Lady's Book and Magazine was published in Philadelphia from 1830–1878 giving women of the day fashion advice as well as publishing early short stories by names as illustrious as Edgar Allen Poe, and even sheet music. It is best known, however, for its engraved illustrations of women's fashions of the day with particular attention paid to the styles adopted by the young Queen Victoria. For any Steampunk designer these magazine are a marvellous source of inspiration today!

Fashion for Ladies in 1880

Fashion Ideas for Victorian Ladies in 1880!


From left to right:

Walking dress of two shades of slate colored satin, and striped velvet and satin. The underskirt is of satin of the darkest shade, the front breadth puffed; the edge of skirt trimmed with pieces of a lighter shade. The overdress is cut like a long coat double-breasted, the skirt turned back with revers of the plain satin, and three capes trimming the waist part. Hat of felt, trimmed with satin and feathers.

Evening dress of white and pink; the underskirt is of white satin, kilted in front, and trimmed with Mechlin lace, and a garland of pink roses. The overdress is of pink silk, is made like a polonaise, low neck and short sleeves, and is trimmed to correspond with underskirt with lace and flowers. Low corsage and short sleeves, with bertha of lace and flowers. Flowers in hair to match those on dress.

Visiting dress of purple velvet and satin. It is made with two skirts of the velvet, trimmed with thread lace over satin of a lighter shade than velvet. Jacket bodice with vest of the lighter satin, the edge trimmed with lace to correspond with the overskirt. Hat of purple velvet, trimmed with ostrich feathers of the lighter shade.

Dinner dress of light blue damassee; the front of skirt is laid in folds divided by plaitings of plain dark blue silk ; the overdress is from the sides and in the back, and is trimmed with the same, as is also the edge of the skirt. Panier basque, sleeves trimmed with plaitings of blue silk. Fan-shaped piece made of the blue trims the front of corsage.

Carriage dress of olive-green plush and damassee in cashmere colors, the front of skirt is of
the plush laid in kilt plaits, with straps of the damassee fastened by buckles crossing it. The back of the underskirt is of the damassee, the side breadths of overdress are of the plush, the panier basque is made very deep, is of the damassee, and is trimmed with fringe; it is full on the shoulders, and at the waist in front. Vest of plush, and plush cuffs trimming sleeves. Bonnet of plush the color of dress, trimmed with satin and feathers.

Dress for girl of five years, made of myrtle green velvet; it is cut in narrow gores, with pleated
ruffle in back, and band above fastened by a knot of ribbon loops. Felt hat trimmed with feather and

Source: Godey's Lady's Book and Magazine - from January to June, 1880

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