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Victorian fashion and other ideas to inspire your Steampunk costume

Photographs of Vintage Deep Sea Divers to Inspire Steampunk Costume Design

Deep sea sponge diver

A selection of vintage images to help create an authentic Steampunk Diver costume!   Entitled “Miss Bernhardt, the Ocean Express” this wonderfully formal portrait from the 1880s shows Miss Bernhardt, in a full-length seated pose, alongside another person dressed in deep sea diving gear of the day!   This photograph from the 1940s, on the other hand, depicts a deep sea sponge diver in full gear as he climbs back into his fishing boat holding … Read more

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Hair styles for the 1880s Victorian Lady

Front and back view of evening coiffure

In the January to June issue of Godey’s Lady’s Book and Magazine in 1880 amongst the general chitchat on ladies fashion for January the magazine took a look at the change in women’s hairstyles that month and in particular, looking at what was happening in the fashion world overseas in Paris. This should give you some Steampunk wigs and coiffure-style ideas!   From left to right: Waved coiffure; the hair slightly frizzed in front and … Read more

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Hat Designs for the 1880s Victorian Lady

Women's Hats from the 1880s

More inspiring design ideas from the US women’s magazine from the 1880s Godey’s Lady’s Book and Magazine to help you design your own Steampunk hats and headgear! Please click on images to enlarge:   From left to right: Bonnet of black straw trimmed with black satin ribbon and ostrich feathers, the inside of brim has shirred ribbon in it. Bonnet of white felt, trimmed with gendarme blue satin, and gay-colored bird. Bonnet of black lace, … Read more

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Fashion Ideas for Victorian Ladies in 1880!

Fashion for Ladies in 1880

Godey’s Lady’s Book and Magazine was published in Philadelphia from 1830–1878 giving women of the day fashion advice as well as publishing early short stories by names as illustrious as Edgar Allen Poe, and even sheet music. It is best known, however, for its engraved illustrations of women’s fashions of the day with particular attention paid to the styles adopted by the young Queen Victoria. For any Steampunk designer these magazine are a marvellous source … Read more

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