Steampunk girl in aviator costumeWelcome to My Steampunk Costume, your one stop shop for Steampunk attire and accessories - perfect for Steampunk-themed fancy dress parties or Steampunk conventions, cosplay and role-playing societies.

Are you a Neo-Victorian Dandy who loves the sartorial elegance of the Victorian age? Or a Steampunk Renegade armed with a Nerf Maverick? Whatever your style, you're sure to find everything here to complete your Steampunk or Victorian wardrobe – from mad scientist gas masks and aviator goggles, to top hats and monocles - even Steampunk Vampire outfits for Halloween! And if you prefer casual dress, but love the world of Steampunk, check out our range of Steampunk T-shirts.

The influence of Steampunk, sci-fi's hippest sub-genre is found everywhere these days - from Lady Gaga's thrilling stage outfits, to the whistles and bells of the TARDIS time machine in the BBC television show Doctor Who, not to mention recent overtly Steampunk movies such as Cowboys & Aliens, The Golden Compass and The Prestige! This is one fad that seems unlikely to go away very quickly.

A mind-boggling sub-genre of what is already an immensely popular genre, Steampunk is a unique kind of sci-fi that looks at the scientific achievements and gadgets of the Victorian age to create a form of speculative fiction, set in an anachronistic quasi-Victorian historical setting where technological advances are all powered by steam rather than electricity. The great-grandfathers of Steampunk could be said to be those genial science fiction writers from the Victorian age themselves - H. G. Wells and, in particular Jules Verne, who imagined aircraft, spaceships and submarines long before they were actually invented.

Steampunk Airship

Steampunk may have started as a literary genre in books and graphic novels, but not surprisingly this celebration of Victorian style has also had a huge influence on young fashion designers. Creating your own Steampunk look is relatively easy – Steampunk fans love tracking down retro clothes and accessories in second-hand clothes stores, thrift markets and online, in order to complete their costume.

This website is a place to share that love of dressing up and Steampunk fashion...strap on your goggles and enjoy the ride! Tonight we're gonna party like it's 1899...!

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